Sep 01,2022

The principle of MPPT solar controller is as follows: MPPT control is generally completed by DC conversion circuit, photovoltaic cell array and load are connected through DC circuit, the maximum power tracking device continuously detects the current and voltage changes of photovoltaic array, and adjusts the duty cycle of PWM driving signal of DC converter according to the changes.

1, the function of the solar controller, when the battery power is insufficient to stop the battery external discharge, if too deep discharge will also affect the capacity and life of the battery.Is the recovery interval for overcharge or overrelease protection.To avoid the line resistance or battery self-recovery characteristics of the load caused by the work bucket.

2, solar controller installation and precautions, even solar panel leads, and finally in the case of load off to connect the load line.For your safety, please do not make too large load or add solar panels too large;Use a power source such as a power generator to replace the solar cell when charging the battery.Please remove the solar panels.

3, what is the difference between PWM and MPPT controller, PWM and MPPT controller have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, the choice of which scheme depends on the design characteristics of solar photovoltaic array, cost and external environment conditions, the biggest disadvantage of PWM controller compared with MPPT controller is efficiency,The PWM charging controller cannot charge the maximum power generated by the photovoltaic (PV) array.

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