Sep 01,2022

1. The inverter is a DC-AC transformer. In fact, it is the same as the converter, which is a voltage inversion process. Converter is the grid AC voltage into 12 V regulated DC, and the inverter is the Adapter 12 V DC into a high frequency AC, both use the more commonly used PWM technology.

2. Inverter is a conversion device, which converts DC electric energy (battery, battery) into constant voltage or frequency modulation AC voltage. The system includes inverter bridge, control logic, filter and so on.

3. The core component is PWM,UC3842 is Adapter, and TL5001 is TL5001. TL5001 has an operating voltage of 3.6~40 V. It is equipped with an error amplifier, regulator, oscillator, dead PWM generator, low voltage protection circuit and short circuit protection circuit.

Extension: In short, an inverter is an AC power supply that converts low voltages (12 V,24 V,48 V) into 220 V. Because 220 V alternating current is generally rectified to direct current, and inverters are the opposite, hence the name. This is a "mobile" age, mobile office, mobile communication, mobile leisure, entertainment. In the process of exercise, not only the high voltage DC power supply provided by batteries or batteries, but also the use of 220 V AC power supply, which is essential in life.

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