Sep 02,2022

lithium battery or lead-acid battery is mainly depends on the acceptance of everyone, because the two batteries have advantages and disadvantages, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two batteries:

1. Number of charging cycles

The complete charging and discharging times of lithium battery is about 500 times, and the complete charging and discharging times of lead-acid battery is only about 300 times. According to the case of charging once every three days, the service life of lithium battery is 4-5 years, while the service life of lead-acid battery is only 2-3 years. Lithium battery is superior in the service life of lithium battery.

2. Charging speed

Due to the high activity of lithium in lithium batteries, lithium batteries will be charged faster than lead-acid batteries when charging, which may not be noticed in ordinary use, but when there is an emergency, it can reflect the importance of charging speed.

3. Endurance

The energy density of lithium battery is 120-180Wh /KG, the energy density of lead-acid battery is 40-70Wh /KG, so in the same capacity of the battery, the energy density of lithium battery will be higher, and one of the decisive factors of battery life is the energy density of the battery, so lithium battery is better than lead-acid battery life.

4. Cost of use

Lead-acid battery is made up of lead plate, lead metal prices are much cheaper than lithium metal, so the lead-acid battery prices generally lower than the lithium battery, and lead-acid battery can be restored, and lithium battery is one-off, can draw in the use of cost in the future, therefore, lead-acid battery is economical than lithium batteries.

Lead-acid real feelings in li-ion battery is the life of the vehicle had obvious increase, and charging speed is fast, the market at present the mainstream is lithium battery, but due to the activity of the lithium battery is higher, so it needs to be in charge in outdoor charging, do not charge indoors, lest cause explosions or fire accident.

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