Aug 10,2022

portable power station as an energy storage product that is very popular with consumers, is concerned about its safety and stability. What professional tests should be done before the production and manufacture of a qualified portable power supply.

The following article is for you to introduce one by one, I hope this article let you have more understanding of portable power supply, if you want to wholesale this kind of product, welcome to contact Poleview Power,An excellent portable power supply manufacturer from China.

1. Acupuncture test

Objective To detect the electric cell (the electric cell conforms to GB18287-2013)

After fully charging the mobile power supply at room temperature, place the mobile power supply on the table, and Pierce the cell vertically at 12-80m/s with a heavy object with an iron needle with a diameter of 3.0mm±0.05mm. There will be no fire or explosion during the experiment. (Note: cell test for flexible packaging shell, other tests will not be done.)

2, high and low temperature detection

Fully charge the mobile power supply at room temperature, first put the mobile power supply in a high temperature box of 75 ° C ±2 ° C for 4 hours, then put it in a low temperature box of -20 ° C ±2 ° C for 4 hours, transfer time is not more than 30 minutes, repeat for 5 times continuously, and finally put it in a normal temperature of 20 ° C ±2 ° C for 24 hours. No smoke or explosion in the test process, can work normally after the test, appearance without obvious deformation, rust, its capacity is not less than 80% of the rated capacity. 5v power adapter

3. Drop test

After the mobile power supply is fully charged at room temperature, it is shelved for 1-4 hours, and the mobile power supply is dropped freely from the height of 1 meter to the hard board, and the free drop is repeated for 6 times. After the test, the mobile power supply at room temperature with 1.0I output discharge, mobile power capacity should not be less than 96% of the rated capacity, no leakage, no gas, no rupture, no fire, no explosion.

4. Overcharge and overdischarge protection detection

After the mobile power supply is fully charged at room temperature, the input power supply is continuously loaded for 8 hours, and the cell will not expand, fire, or explode in the test. After discharge of mobile power supply at room temperature, continue to discharge for mobile power supply for 8 hours, the test cell will not expand, not fire, not explosion. If the mobile power supply does not have overcharge and overdischarge protection, the cell expansion may occur, leading to explosion.
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