Aug 20,2022

First, the battery space problem

Lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries of the same capacity voltage replacement is feasible, but to consider the size of the battery can still fit in the original position, not protruding or extrusion, because extrusion and moisture will cause damage to the battery internal short-circuit phenomenon.

Second, you must use the charger in accordance with the battery type

Lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries have the same capacity and voltage, and they also misuse chargers, because the two batteries require different charging voltages and currents at different stages. When charging lead-acid batteries, the charger voltage is high. The technical requirements of lithium ion battery are higher, so when charging, the charger uses constant current constant charging, charging lithium lead acid will lead to overshoot, there is a risk of explosion.

Three, socket replacement

Because the interface of lead-acid battery and lithium ion battery is different, the battery must be used to match the socket, do not plug it in, easy to lead to short circuit of lithium ion battery, thus causing danger.

Four, after changing the battery can not be used to charge the original charging port

Because of the different charging principles, if the original charging port on the electric vehicle is used for charging, the circuit will be damaged and the lithium-ion battery will be short-circuited.

Five, after replacing the battery,

the controller does not need to replace the battery can only be replaced with the same capacity and the same voltage, can not be replaced with the previous battery capacity voltage does not match, that will burn out the controller, make the motor hall and other electronic components damaged. As long as it is consistent with the original battery capacity voltage, there is no need to replace the controller.

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