Aug 12,2022
Portable outdoor UPS power supply has become a new consumption point in the new energy storage industry market.Consumption trends such as safe travel and outdoor activities are on the rise,and"short-distance self-driving","picnic camping","outdoor live aerial photography",and"outdoor work"have become a boom.At present,there are more and more outdoor work and personal electricity needs,and the demand for outdoor 220V mobile portable UPS power supply has surged.

New energy energy storage boxes are also called portable energy storage boxes and outdoor mobile power supplies.Usually refers to some mobile power supplies or emergency power supplies that weigh no more than 20kg,mainly using AC output and DC output as the main charging port.The diverse capabilities of such products provide outdoor users with power,lighting and other uses to enrich outdoor living.

The field of portable UPS outdoor power supply is very wide,not only can be used in the home,but also in the fields of office,photography,travel,fire protection,medical treatment,emergency rescue,communication,exploration,construction,camping,mountaineering,military and other fields,may become the vigorous development of this product.potential consumer groups.Portable UPS can not only be used as power output power supply for automobiles,but also as emergency power supply for modern households,providing power for field precision instrument surveying and mapping,field power supply for military equipment,etc.,or as emergency power supply for hospital operating rooms.

Now,everyone can use portable UPS outdoor power supply(also known as"energy storage power supply")to solve the power consumption problems of mobile phones,laptops,car refrigerators,drones,outdoor lawn mowers,etc.Friends play drone/electric guitar.Portable outdoor UPS power supply will become one of the must-have items for outdoor people to travel after the epidemic.

Outdoor power supply provides a better solution to the problem of domestic electricity consumption in areas with insufficient power.The large-capacity and high-power outdoor power supply is portable and easy to store.When the light is sufficient,the outdoor power supply can be supplemented by solar panels,which further increases its battery life outdoors.

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