Aug 15,2022
The household energy storage track continues to be hot.

The latest customs data from Shenzhen, China shows that in the first half of 2022, the export of household-level energy storage equipment has increased significantly, and the inverter has increased by more than 5 times.

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine exacerbates energy shortages and multi-layered factors such as high electricity prices in Europe, household energy storage has become the most prosperous track.

Energy storage converters used for household energy storage are generally called energy storage inverters, and in large-scale industrial and commercial energy storage fields are generally called PCS (Power Conversion System), which are connected between energy storage batteries and energy storage systems. A device that realizes bidirectional conversion of electrical energy between power grids.
It is understood that in a set of optical storage household systems, the battery cell is the core of the energy storage system, accounting for about 45-50% of the cost; the energy storage converter can control charging and discharging, and perform AC-DC conversion, accounting for about 10% of the cost. -15%; the component system, that is, the photovoltaic system, is used for solar power generation, and the cost accounts for about 20-25%; the installation cost will increase from 10,000 in 2021 to about 20,000 this year, accounting for 15-20%.

Since the beginning of 2022, the demand for household storage has continued to rise, and the shipments of domestic energy storage inverter manufacturers have grown rapidly.

In terms of technical composition, what are the main uses of energy storage converters for energy storage systems?

An energy storage converter is required to connect the energy storage system to the grid. The energy storage converter can convert the direct current in the battery into alternating current and transmit it to the power grid, or rectify the alternating current in the power grid into direct current to charge the energy storage system.

The energy storage inverter has three functions, including peak regulation, backup power supply and independent power supply. In recent years, the electricity price in Germany has continued to rise, and the difference between the residential electricity price and the cost of photovoltaic distribution and storage will continue to widen. The household photovoltaic distribution and storage system can greatly reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

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