Aug 18,2022
The epidemic has narrowed people's alternative leisure and social methods, and extended people's rest time. Short-distance travel, self-driving tours, and camping have recently become popular, and the outdoor power supply market has also been "fired".
During the period from May 23rd to June 18th, when this year's promotional activities were launched, the turnover of outdoor power banks increased by more than 10 times year-on-year.

At present, the outdoor mobile power supplies on the market mainly include lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, and lithium polymer batteries. The battery capacity ranges from 5000 mAh to 200,000 mAh.

This year, the camping economy is favored by Chinese people, and my country has a huge consumer group. With a large number of consumers entering the market, the outdoor camping market is booming. As one of the necessary equipment for outdoor camping, the demand for outdoor power supplies is constantly being released.

With the hot sale of outdoor mobile power products, more and more companies have begun to deploy the outdoor mobile power market, and the first-line production capacity has expanded rapidly. Industry insiders said that China's outdoor mobile power supply currently accounts for more than 90% of the world's shipments. It is estimated that in the next four to five years, the global annual shipment will reach more than 30 million units, and the market size will be about 80 billion yuan.

1、Solve the "electricity anxiety" in the suburbs or in the wild

In fact, the mobile power supply that can supply power to mobile phones, computers, rice cookers and other electrical appliances outdoors can not only solve the rigid demand for outdoor electricity, but also solve consumers' "electricity anxiety" in the suburbs or in the wild. , audio and other entertainment facilities.

In addition to being used for short-distance travel, outdoor power supplies are also used for night fishing, night market stalls, outdoor live broadcasts, outdoor night work, etc., and its features such as large battery capacity, rich interfaces, portability, and ease of use can meet the needs of most electrical appliances on the market. Therefore, it is favored by a large number of consumers.

2、As an explosive growth product category, what is the safety performance of outdoor power supply?

It is reported that outdoor power supplies generally use lithium-ion battery packs or lithium iron phosphate battery packs as energy storage devices, and convert the DC power of the battery pack into AC power output through an inverter circuit to meet the electricity demand of various electrical equipment. At the same time, the storage power of outdoor power bank is much larger than that of ordinary power bank, so the safety cannot be ignored.

In this regard, some experts said that the safety of outdoor mobile power is closely related to the quality of the battery cells used in the product itself, the design of safety and reliability, and especially to the usage. In the process of use, there are also many situations that need to be paid attention to.

For example, do not use electrical appliances that exceed the maximum power written on the product manual to prevent short circuits; pay special attention to the wear and tear of power cords, and replace them in time when they are worn and aged to avoid explosions and fires caused by short circuits; try to use and move as much as possible. Avoid violent vibration, do not encounter water and rain, keep away from flammable substances, etc. In addition, the manufacturer's qualifications and production standards are also important reference factors.
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