Aug 14,2022

The current battery technology is mature enough that it will not explode under normal conditions.Of course, to ensure the safety of lithium batteries, we need to pay attention to the use of requirements in our daily life.

Lithium batteries are not easy to explode in general,but in some special circumstances,the explosion probability of lithium batteries will rise,such as:high temperature,rough production and so on.

Possible cause of lithium battery explosion

The internal polarization is large;The pole piece absorbs water and reacts with the electrolyte gas drum;The quality and performance of the electrolyte itself;The amount of liquid injection cannot meet the technical requirements;The sealing performance of laser welding is poor in the assembly process,and the air leakage is detected.Dust,pole dust first easy to cause micro short circuit;The positive and negative electrode pieces are thicker than the process range and difficult to enter the shell;Injection sealing problem,ball sealing performance is not good leading to gas drum;Shell wall thickness of incoming materials,shell deformation affects the thickness;The high temperature outside is also the main cause of the explosion.

Lithium Battery Introduction

"Lithium battery"is a kind of battery made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as anode material and using non-aqueous electrolyte solution.Lithium batteries were first used in pacemakers.The advantages of lithium-ion batteries,such as their very low self-discharge rate and gentle discharge voltage,allow implanted pacemakers to operate for a long time without needing to be recharged.

Lithium batteries Lithium batteries are usually divided into two main categories:

Lithium metal batteries:Lithium metal batteries generally use manganese dioxide as the positive material,lithium metal or its alloy metal as the negative material,using a non-aqueous electrolyte solution of the battery.

Lithium-ion batteries:Lithium-ion batteries generally use lithium alloy metal oxide as the positive material,graphite as the negative material,using non-aqueous electrolyte batteries.

Battery structure of lithium battery

The inside of the cell is a spiral wound structure,separated between the positive and negative poles by a very fine and permeable polyethylene film.The positive electrode includes a current collecting electrode composed of lithium cobalt acid and aluminum foil.The negative electrode is composed of a current collector consisting of graphitized carbon material and copper foil.The cell is filled with an organic electrolyte solution.Also equipped with a safety valve and PTC components(cylindrical use),so that the battery in the abnormal state and output short circuit when the battery is not damaged.

Application of lithium battery

Lithium-ion batteries are used in many long-lived critical devices,such as pacemakers and other implantable electronic medical devices.Lithium batteries can replace normal alkaline batteries in many devices,such as clocks and cameras.Small lithium batteries are commonly used in small portable electronic devices such as PDAs,watches,video cameras,digital cameras,thermometers,calculators,computer BIOS,communications devices,and remote car locks.

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