Aug 11,2022
Q:How to choose the capacity of portable energy storage power supply?How long can it be used?

A:When users choose energy storage,they should mainly consider the size of the load,

the characteristics of the load device,the importance of the load device,and the degree of influence of bad power on the load.

The easiest way is to check the rated power(unit is watts)of the loaded electrical appliance.

If it does not exceed the power of the energy storage product purchased,it is normally usable.

When used,a rough range can be calculated according to a formula,that is,time of use=WH*0.85 of energy storage/power of loaded electrical appliances.

For example,with a 60W floor fan,powered by our G500(444WH),the use time when fully charged:444*0.85/60=6.3 hours,

Please note:The actual use time needs to be based on specific use scenarios.You can consult our company for better suggestions.

Q:Can the energy storage power supply be used indoors?

A:Yes,the product supports outdoor and indoor use.It is necessary to avoid rain and sun.

The product is designed with power cord charging and solar charging methods to adapt to different indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Q:Does the product bring solar panels?

A:The standard configuration does not contain solar panels,but it can be purchased as a package.

We have portable solar folding panels that match the product,as well as options including car chargers and MC4 cables.

The current best-selling style is 100W,the interface type is DC5.5*2.1MM,

and Anderson adapter cable or Anderson parallel cable can be selected,and multiple solar panels can be used at the same time.

Q:Is the power supply a pure sine wave output?

A:At present,all series of our products are pure sine wave output.

Q:Can the product be used on its side/tilt down?

A:Yes,but it is not recommended to use it on its side.It may affect the heat dissipation of the product or scratch the appearance of the product.

Q:Can you use your large energy storage machine to charge the small energy storage machine?For example,use G2000 to charge G500.


Q:Your product can be charged with a power supply or solar panel all the time

A:Yes,our product has automatic protection function.

Q:My house has installed rooftop solar panels.Can I use this to charge your energy storage power supply?

A:Not necessarily.The voltages of various roof solar panels are different.Please refer to our product manual,solar panel charging must meet the voltage range required in the manual.

Q:What certifications does your product have?

A:Our products have passed PSE,CE,FCC,ROHS and other certifications.

Q:How long does it take to fully charge your product?How long it can power the computer?

A:The charging power and battery capacity of each product are different,and the charging time is also different;

the loading time also varies with different products and the power of the loaded electrical appliances.

For details,please refer to the product specification or product operation manual.

Q:What is the cycle life of your products?What does cycle life mean?

A:Different products have different cycle life.Portable computers range from 500-2000 times and household computers more than 5000 times.Refer to product specifications and battery cell types for details.

The general cycle life means that after this number of charge and discharge cycles,the total power of the device itself will drop to 80%or less of the initial value.Such as 2000wh products,the test cycle life is 500 times,

It means that after 500 times,the remaining effective capacity of the product is 1600wh or less.There will be a noticeable and significant gap in use.

Q:Can I connect two solar panels in series/parallel to charge?

A:The series connection is a superimposed voltage.Ensure that the total open circuit voltage of the solar panel does not exceed the rated range.Otherwise,the charging over-voltage protection may be triggered or cause damage.

Parallel is the superimposed power,if it exceeds the rated charging power required by the product.The product will limit charging or reduce to within the acceptable power.

Q:Is it possible to charge and discharge at the same time?

A:Most models are supported,but from the perspective of protecting the life of the battery,it is not recommended
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