Aug 10,2022

Hello everyone, I am here to share the customer case with you again. Due to the rising energy prices in Europe and the United States this year, the demand for portable power consumption is very strong. At present, our company has foreign trade orders being completed every week.

My 1000W portable power station order has entered the assembly stage.  The main sale market of this order is Europe, the order quantity is 200 sets, will load a 20 feet container. 

For this item, we have applied for the appearance patent by ourselves, customer like our design so much, and custome their logo.  Also this product has several obvious features. 

1. High power and large capacity 
2.  Support solar charging (12V~30V 200W max) 
3. When charging,AC/USB, DC output can be used normally 
4.  LED light:power 12W 

Just now I went to the production workshop and look at production status.  The whole lines are assembling this products.  I also took some videos and sent them to customers for reference.

We have our own portable power station manufacturing factory, which can provide free customized services for customers. Welcome to find me to purchase products. There is my contact information on the website, looking forward to your inquiry.

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