G2000-2000W Power Station
G2000-2000W Power Station

G2000-2000W Power Station

  • Rated Power:2000W
  • Capacity:600Ah 2220Wh
  • Waveform:Pure Sine Wave
  • Output Type:AC/12V DC/5V USB/TYPE-C
  • Support for fast charging

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G2000 can continuously supply power for electrical appliances with rated power lower than 2000W. The battery capacity is 2200Wh and 60Ah, which can meet the electrical work requirements of most battery products. The product supports fast charging, and the output interface supports AC/12V DC/5V USB/ Type-C. This product is also very popular in the market, in addition to outdoor camping applications, can also be used as a home emergency power source.

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General Info

Model G2000
Weight 47.4lbs (21.5kg)
Dimensions ( 32*23*32cm)
Operating Temperature Charge 32-113 °F ( 0-45 °C)
Operating Temperature Discharge -4-140 °F ( -20-60 °C)
Tested and Certified CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE,UN38.3

Input Ports

Wall charging 120W , 30V max
Solar charging
Car charging

Output Ports

AC Outlet (x2) AC 100V~120V, 60Hz (220-240V 50Hz Edition)
pure sine wave 2000W continuous, 4000W peak
Fast Charge USB Port (x1) 18W ,12V max
DC Port (x2) 120W,12V
Type-C Port (x1) 60W,12V max
USB Port (x2) 12W per port,5V

Battery Info

Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 2220Wh
Life Span ≥500 Cycles
Inverter 2000W

Product Details

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