5kw Solar Power System
5kw Solar Power System

5kw Solar Power System

  • Load Power (W): 5kw
  • Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Controller Type: MPPT
  • Battery: Lead Acid Battery or gel battery
  • Protection: Short Circuit Protection

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The solar power system using lead-acid battery pack energy storage is much cheaper than lithium battery pack energy storage system. The battery capacity is 5kwh, which can meet the energy storage needs of ordinary families. Wholesale orders are welcome.


1  3 times peak power, excellent loading capability.

2  Combine inverter/solar controller/battery all in one.

3  Multiple output: 2*AC output socket, 4*DC 12V, 2*USB.

4  Working mode AC prior/ECO mode/Solar prior selectable.

5  AC charging current 0-10A selectable.

6  LVD/HVD/Charging voltage adjutable, suitable for kinds of battery

7  Adding fault code to monitor real-time work situations.

8  Continuous stable pure sine wave output with inbuilt AVR stabilizer.

9  Digital LCD and LED for visualization of operation status of the equipment.

10 Inbuilt automatic AC charger and AC mains switcher, stwitch time ≤ 4ms.


System Model Description QTY
5000W Solar System XD5000W Components Solar panel 8pcs poly solar panel 330W ,Application area :Class A
Connection way : 2pcs in series ,4 groups  in parallel
All-in one solar generator built-in 1pcs 5000W/48V pure sine wave inverter
Low frequency output ,Transfer time :<4ms
Multiple output: 2*AC output socket, 4*DC 12V, 4*USB.
built-in 1pcs 48V/60A MPPT solar controller
Max PV input voltage :150V ,PV Array Max Power :3360W
built-in 4*12V 200AH GEL battery
Each Size :522*240*220mm,55KG
Solar bracket 1 set of aluminum bracket for ground/pitched roof 1
Solar cable 100M PV cable 4mm2 1
MC4 Connector 1 set of MC4 Connector :
3 sets of  MC4 branch connector (2input 1output)
5 sets of MC4 connector(1input 1output)
System output 25440WH =15840WH(PV electricity) + 9600WH(Battery backup electricity)
110V/120V/220V/230V/240Vac can be customized before delivery
Recommended loads 1pcs AC(2P), 1pcs fridge, 1pcs cooker, 1pcs TV, 2pcs fan, 4pcs lights
Others System will use solar prior, battery second, and then utility
System support utility or diesel/gasoline generator(>15KW) input
estimated 1.9 CBM & 540KG per set

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