Aug 12,2022
As everybody knows,portable power station is in use process will be fever,so our portable power station with a cooling fan,when the sensors detect the product temperature reaches a certain value,it will automatically start the cooling fan,and through the controller to adjust the speed according to temperature,the faster the temperature and the higher the speed,it would reduce speed when the temperature down,even stop running.
With the continuous update and intelligence of equipment,the requirements for parts are also higher and higher,so is the cooling fan.The research and development is not innovative and extends the cooling fan with various functions,the knowledge inside is simply profound.Today,we will discuss the temperature control cooling fan,its application is now more and more widely.

Temperature control Cooling fan works as follows:The temperature around the cooling fan rises to accelerate its speed and increase the flow of air.
It is induced by a thermistor on the fan fan is the change of the surrounding air temperature,and induced the cable,when the fan operation,running at slow speed,the fan will produce less noise,and less energy consumption,in most of the design requirements,the fan speed running hours after the air temperature is usually lower than the design of the maximum temperature value,Under normal circumstances,the cooling fan running at low speed is sufficient to complete its work

When the temperature control fan is in operation,if the thermistor feels the temperature is high,it will run at a faster speed.And when the temperature is low,it will run at a lower speed;Between these higher and lower levels,the fan speed will be almost unchanged by temperature.When the temperature of the fan changes slowly,the speed of the fan changes slowly,and the speed and noise of the fan will not change suddenly.The length of the reaction time depends mainly on the sensitivity of its sensor to heat.

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