Aug 12,2022

Outdoor power is a portable power station,which uses portable solar panels to charge the battery,and the stored electric energy can be used for charging or operating other devices.It is a multifunctional power supply with built-in lithium-ion battery and can reserve electric energy,also known as portable energy storage power.

As climate change continues to affect our planet in the form of extreme weather,high temperatures,rising sea levels and more,we must find sustainable solutions for our daily lives.This includes a shift to portable energy storage sources to create and store renewable energy for all of your backup power needs.

Outdoor power is popular for outdoor camping,RV travel,outdoor live streaming,outdoor construction,location shooting,and emergency backup power.It is equivalent to a small portable charging station,with the characteristics of light weight,large capacity,high power,long life and strong stability.Also can output DC,AC and other common power interface,can be used for laptop computers,drones,photography lights,projectors,rice cookers,electric fans,kettles and other equipment power supply.

Compared to conventional generators powered by natural gas,diesel,or propane,outdoor power sources consist of the following components:

Portable solar panels(Solar folding pack)-Capture energy from the sun.

Rechargeable battery-stores energy captured by solar panels.

Solar Charging Controller-manages the energy entering the battery.

Solar inverter-converts solar energy into usable electricity.

What are the advantages compared with the traditional generator:

Outdoor power sources are less noisy.

Conventional generators run on fossil fuels,which contribute to air pollution and climate change.As an added bonus,you can use solar power for free instead of expensive fossil fuels.

Easy to use because they do not require refueling,refueling,startup,and maintenance.Simply turn it on,connect your device and draw power from it

Wear and tear on moving parts in emergency generators can lead to high maintenance costs.Solar generators have no moving parts and do not rely on natural gas to generate electricity.This design helps reduce the likelihood of paying for repairs.

Lighter than traditional gas generators,it is ideal for outdoor activities,camping,emergencies,and general mobile activities.Some even come with luggage-like handles for enhanced portability.

How to choose the right outdoor power source(energy storage)?

There are different sizes and shapes,so choosing an energy storage that meets your individual needs should be a priority.The amount of electricity required should be the primary consideration in determining the size of outdoor storage.For example,if you plan to use it outdoors,you should calculate how much energy devices and appliances use when comparing the storage capacity of outdoor power sources.

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