Aug 13,2022

At present, most of the portable power station on the market have three ways of charging,  solar charging, AC charging (municipal power) and car CIG outlet charging. Of course, in addition to these three types, there is also type-C charging. Its type-C port is bidirectional input and output.

AC charging

The portable power station is charged through the urban power grid and household power wall outlets. Take iFlowpower’s portable power station as an example. Plug one end of the adapter into the wall outlets and the other end into the charging interface of the machine to charge the portable power station conveniently. When charging, pay attention to the local power supply voltage and frequency, and select the appropriate portable power station model.

Solar charging

Usually, portable power station manufacturers will provide supporting solar panels. If not, users can choose the appropriate solar panel to charge the portable power station. When the sun is sufficient in outdoor, you can open the solar panel and face the sun to minimize the incident angle, and then plug the charging port of the solar panel into the special interface of the portable power station to charge. The speed of charging time is related to the rated power of the solar panel. The greater the power, the shorter the charging time. Taking the 100W solar panel equipped with iFlowpower as an example, the 1000W portable power station can be fully charged within 10 hours at the shortest, which is equivalent to a sunny day time.

Car charging

Using a special charging connection line to charge the portable power station from the cigarette lighter output interface of the car is also a more convenient emergency charging mode. First, open the engine compartment cover of the car, find the car's battery, and use the repair wire matched with the portable power station. One end is connected to the portable power station, the car charging interface, and the other end is orange. Xia Zi clamped the positive pole of the power battery, and the black clip clamped the negative pole of the battery, and then turned on the button switch next to the car charging port to wait for the completion of charging. It's done. 

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