Aug 16,2022

Outdoor camping wants to blow air conditioners, eat hot pot, watch movies... Camping is very "tidal" and very popular. Power banks can no longer solve this kind of electricity anxiety, and outdoor mobile power banks have jumped into hot-selling camping equipment. Some merchants sell more than 3,000 orders per month. In the face of many power supply categories on the market, how should camping enthusiasts choose? What should I pay attention to when using it?

Phenomenon: "Set Up Camp" Tropical Fire Outdoor Power Bank

Several friends are sitting together, eating skewers, drinking beer, and watching favorite movies and TV shows on the big-screen TV. This scene does not appear at an indoor family gathering, but in the open air environment of the park.

   Mr. Wang, a citizen, described to reporters, "My friends and I traveled by car. When we were camping, we brought computers, projectors, cameras, game consoles, mosquito lamps, etc., which all need to be charged. Outdoor power banks are the 'large-scale charging' to solve these problems. Treasure'." Mr. Wang introduced that he purchased an outdoor mobile power supply on an online shopping platform. "It is difficult to access stable electricity when camping outdoors, but using traditional fuel-fired generators will produce noise and air pollution. The outdoor power supply has a large capacity. It has high power and can provide AC220V power supply, which can charge mobile phones, cameras, and even rice cookers multiple times, and it is very convenient to carry and no noise."

"The cassette stove and mobile power supply can be used for cooking and cooking at the same time." Xiaoyu, who was camping with friends a few days ago, told the Beiqing Daily reporter that the cassette stove can cook vegetables and fry steak, while the electric ceramic stove can be used for cooking. Cook noodles. After a day of camping, the power bank still has power left. She admitted that some high-power mobile power banks bought by friends can even be used to cook porridge and steam rice, in addition to charging mobile phones and fans.

According to the latest statistics of relevant online shopping platforms, from November 1 to 9, 2021, the sales of mobile power supplies increased by 230% year-on-year. During the period from May 23 to June 18, when this year's promotional activities were launched, the turnover of outdoor mobile power supplies on a certain platform increased by more than 10 times year-on-year, and the turnover in July exceeded 140% year-on-year.

Tips: What should you pay attention to when purchasing and using outdoor power banks?

Generally, the packaging of regular mobile power products is marked with the manufacturer or sales website of the product, and the public can know the specific situation of the manufacturer through the Internet or telephone. When purchasing, you should look for regular brands, you can check whether the products have the national 3C certification, whether the quality standards and safety requirements meet the standards. Also remember to check the manufacturer's qualifications and production standards, and resolutely do not buy low-priced and inferior products. The quality guarantee certificate after purchase must also be properly kept.

Since the outdoor power bank stores a lot more power than ordinary power banks, you should pay more attention to safety when using it. The safety of outdoor mobile power is closely related to the quality of the battery cells used in the product itself, the design of safety and reliability, and especially the usage. Do not use electrical appliances that exceed the maximum power indicated in the product manual to prevent accidents caused by short-circuiting of electrical equipment.

In addition, in terms of electricity safety, he also said that attention should be paid to the wear and tear of the power cord. If it is found to be worn and aged, it should be replaced in time to avoid accidents caused by short circuits. During use, citizens must not use non-original chargers to charge the outdoor mobile power supply; when charging, clean up the outdoor mobile power supply, and of course do not charge indoors to prevent fire accidents.

For the outdoor power bank that is not frequently used, maintenance and maintenance should be carried out according to the instructions in the instruction manual to prolong the service life of the power bank. Citizens should remember not to throw, knock or shake the power bank at will when using the outdoor power bank, try to prevent violent vibration when moving and using it, and remember that the outdoor power bank should not be exposed to rain!

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