Aug 17,2022

I met a customer today.  The customer want to order 1pcs portable power station of 600W, and he need put his logo on the case.  I checked the background of this customer, and knewn that the customer is a wholesaler in Australia.  The website of the customer mainly sells outdoor camping products,now the customer wants to add portable power station on their product line .  Considering the future potential of the customer, we agree to arrange customized samples for this customer,and also inform customer we need to charge extra fee for private label, meanwhile the sample time need to be added for 10 days.  At the same time, I asked the customer about the order plan, the customer said the first order is 50pcs as trail order. 

As for portable power station, normally, we need MOQ is 300pcs, if less than MOQ,then we will recommend neutral style or our own brand to customer. The customer explained that their brand has a certain popularity in local, and the buyers only trusts their brand.  At the beginning, I try to persuade customer to increase the quantity to 300 pcs,in that case the unit price will be much better.  Customer told us there is no way for the first time, and he can accept price higer a little bit.  Considering long-term cooperation, at last we confirmed this order. 
In my opinion, if the quantity cannot reach MOQ at the beginning, but custoomer potential is good,then it's necessary to support customer and let customer bigger and bigger,then bring orders more and more.
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