Aug 25,2022

There is no such thing as a solar power bank. Depending on where you use it, solar power can still be charged, but not as efficiently. If used continuously in the outdoors, there is no charger to add power to the charging bank, solar energy is a very good way, although the charging board area of solar power bank is very small, charging is very slow, in the case of direct sun charging effect is quite good. If there is a charger to recharge the power bank, or plug it in, you can quickly supplement the power.

My personal advice is as follows: if you are not going out for a long time and there are places to charge, such as traveling, you should buy a power bank with a large capacity. A 10,000mah power bank can also charge your mobile phone two or three times. If you have to hike or camp outdoors and can't recharge for a few days, it's a good choice to bring a solar power bank. Of course, it is recommended that the solar panel area is relatively large. This allows for better charging.

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