Sep 28,2013

As we all know, many countries are reducing their dependence on fossil fuels and developing new energy technologies as crude oil prices continue to rise over the past two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic and international turmoil.

The rapid development of lithium battery technology has given birth to the rapid development of electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla. As investors are optimistic about the development prospects of the electric vehicle industry, Tesla's stock has risen by dozens of times in more than two years.

As an energy storage product, portable power station products are also becoming more and more popular among consumers, because electricity can be obtained from a variety of ways, such as thermal power, hydro power, wind power and even solar power. Especially in countries with low electricity acquisition cost, portable battery products are particularly popular, such as developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Of course, some countries with tight electricity demand for portable battery energy storage is also not small.

With travel restrictions due to the pandemic, family weekend camping in the wild has become a popular outdoor activity trend, which is similar to consumer demand for portable battery products. At present, the mainstream portable battery products on the market are all below 100Ow. For example, the popular independent brands such as Anke and Jackery sell more popular models below 1kW. These products are light in weight, suitable in size and easy to carry, and suitable for short-distance outdoor travel.

The demand for portable batteries is expected to continue to grow, and the market is attracting more and more players.

As a relatively mature country with lithium battery technology, China's industrial supply chain is quite complete, which has spawned more and more manufacturers who can provide customized services. Poleview Power is an excellent portable power station supplier from China. It has more than 10 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of battery energy storage. It has a manufacturing plant of more than 10,000 square meters in Shenzhen and a team of more than 30 engineers, which can provide portable battery OEM&ODM services for customers around the world.

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