Aug 11,2022
Portable energy storage power supply,referred to as"outdoor power supply",is a small energy storage device with built-in lithium-ion battery that replaces traditional small fuel generators.It has the characteristics of large capacity,high power,safety and portability,and can provide stable AC/DC The power supply system with voltage output,the battery capacity is 100Wh-3000Wh,equipped with AC,DC,Type-C,USB,PD and other interfaces,which can match the mainstream electronic equipment in the market,suitable for outdoor travel,emergency disaster relief,medical rescue,Outdoor work and many other scenes.

Portable Energy Storage Shipments

my country is a major manufacturer of portable energy storage and a major exporter of foreign trade.Thanks to the rapid development of new energy vehicles,energy storage and upstream lithium battery industries,the field of portable energy storage has grown rapidly.From 2017 to 2020,China's portable energy storage shipments increased from 94,000 units to 1.919 million units,with a compound annual growth rate of 173%.With the further development of the economy and the further reduction of product costs,the market penetration rate of portable energy storage products will continue to increase,and the market space will be broad.Shipments of portable energy storage devices in China are expected to reach 5.1 million units in 2022.

Portable energy storage output

Affected by the development of the lithium battery industry,the output value of portable energy storage in China has grown rapidly,and the total output value is expected to reach 12 billion yuan in 2022.With the pull of the downstream application market,the industry will continue to maintain high growth.

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