Aug 26,2022

As an energy storage power station that cooperates with photovoltaic power generation and improves power quality applications, energy storage lithium battery is a very important component. Many people choose lithium iron phosphate as energy storage battery. Why choose lithium iron phosphate?


1. It is easy to realize multi-mode combination to meet higher working voltage and larger working current;

2. The capacity and performance of the lithium iron phosphate battery can be detected and diagnosed, so that the control system can realize the dispatching control of the power station load under the condition of predicting the battery capacity and performance;

3. High safety and reliability: Under normal use conditions, the normal service life of the battery is not less than 15 years; in extreme cases, even if a failure occurs, it is still in the controlled range, and explosion, combustion, etc. should not endanger the safe operation of the power station failure;

4. It has good fast response and high rate charge and discharge capacity, generally requiring 5-10 times the charge and discharge capacity;

5. High charge-discharge conversion efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, good environmental adaptability, and wide operating temperature range.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a good effect in energy storage in power generation systems. As the technology of large-capacity battery energy storage systems, lithium iron phosphate batteries are also resistant to high temperatures and are the first choice for outdoor energy storage power sources.

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