Aug 30,2022

1. Constant current charging

That is, the charging current is kept constant throughout the charging process. The control method of constant current charging is very simple, but because lithium iron phosphate battery pack in the charging process, its ability to accept current decreases with the charging time, so in the late charging period, the power battery's ability to receive electricity will decline, and the corresponding utilization rate of charging current will also be greatly reduced.

This method of charging is simple to operate and easy to implement, and the amount of charge is also easy to calculate.
2. Constant voltage charging

The so-called constant voltage charging, is in the charging process, to keep the voltage constant. During the charging process, the charging current will be automatically adjusted with the change of the charge state of the lithium iron phosphate battery. If the specified voltage constant value is appropriate at the beginning, it can not only ensure that the battery is fully charged during the charging process, but also reduce gas evolution and water loss.

This charging method can not effectively reflect the overall charging situation of the battery, and at the beginning of charging, the current is too large, will cause damage to the power battery, so the constant voltage charging method is rarely used.
3, constant voltage constant current charging

In simple terms, it is the combination of constant voltage charging and constant current charging. At the beginning, constant current charging is adopted. At the beginning, the current of constant voltage charging is too large, and then constant voltage charging is adopted to avoid excessive charging caused by constant current charging.

Lithium iron phosphate battery is generally charged by constant current and then constant voltage, which can not only avoid overcharge, but also avoid too large charging current, which can play a very good function of battery protection.

The above is several charging methods of lithium iron phosphate battery. It is recommended that the charging method of constant voltage and constant current is the best. It is recommended to use 0.3C for constant current and 3.65V for constant voltage, which means 0.3C for constant current charging. Then, when the battery voltage reaches 3.65V, 3.65V for constant voltage charging is adopted. In the charging process, we should pay attention to the charging current is not lower than 0.1C, if it is lower than 0.1C, then stop charging, because the battery has been fully charged at this time.

Lithium iron phosphate battery left how many electric charge the best

It is good to charge a lithium iron phosphate battery when the remaining charge is between 25% and 30%. This ensures that the lithium iron phosphate battery will not overdischarge. In addition, if the electric car is to be left unused for a long period of time, it should be charged every three months, and every time it is charged, it should be 100% full.

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