Aug 19,2022

Can your machines carry refrigerators, coffee makers, and electric kettles?

Today, I read reviews on Amazon of several big sellers for 600W portable power station. Among them, 1/3 of the reviews complained that 600W portable power station is cut off when cooking coffee, and some people complained that the power capacity is not left after boiling water.

As for this poroblem, first of all, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully. For 600W portable power station, there is no problem at all in supplying power to commonly used 3C electronic products, such as laptop, mobile phone, camera, projector, drone, electric fan or lighting. However, for delicate campers, for example, if they want to go out for 1-2 days and need to boil water and make coffee , then it is definitely recommended to buy 1200W portable power station. 1200W portable power station is actually not heavy, also easy to carry in outdoor. So when you choose portable power station, suggest you take the usage scenario and special needes into consideration.
Of course, to make your camping more hassle-free, it is recommended to bring a solar panel together, so you can always recharge to meet any demand. Our 600W portable power station and 1200W portable power station are supported by solar supplemental power.

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