Aug 12,2022

With the development of outdoor camping activities, portable power station more and more people like it, with the help of portable power sstation, people can make use of the portable power station for outdoor camping outside the time their electric power supply, improve the rate of camping comfort, so people should be how to choose suits own portable power supply, the greater the capacity, the better?

First, the greater the outdoor power capacity, the better

First of all, in everyone's impression, outdoor power supply is actually an enlarged version of mobile power supply, which is true and false. The basic working principle is the same, the difference is that increasing the capacity brings more technical problems to be solved, and it is not simple to pile up the battery, increase the capacity so simple. Just like choosing a power bank, many people are misled by some merchants that choosing outdoor power supply is simply the greater the capacity, the better. There's no denying that more capacity can lead to longer-lasting performance, but we can't rely on battery capacity alone to determine whether outdoor power is right for us. We still need to start from our own needs, as needed to buy outdoor batteries.

In addition, the increase of battery capacity is not a simple battery stack, just like electric vehicles, increase the battery life is essentially to increase the number of batteries, but with the increase of the number of batteries, battery management, battery layout design and battery heat management and other problems are also very test manufacturers "foundation".

Second, the charging power is very important

In fact, the core parameter of outdoor power supply is in addition to the battery capacity, it is recommended to give priority to the charging power. The size of the battery power is more like the horsepower of the car. The higher the power, the more powerful the equipment can be driven, such as electric hotpot or projector, which is always on the kW. Especially friends who often travel long distances, although expensive, but I suggest that we try to choose more than kilowatts of high-power outdoor battery products.

Three, more details need attention

Since the charging power supply needs to supply power to different devices, a qualified outdoor power supply needs to provide rich interfaces and stable power supply performance. In addition, the outdoor power supply has a large battery capacity, and whether it has the function of fast charging when charging itself also determines the use experience it brings is completely different. This is just like a new energy electric vehicle, although it has a range of 1000 km, but there is no fast charging function, it takes 10 hours to get the bottom of each charge, and it lasts 2 hours after 10 hours of charging. This kind of experience is really bad.

In addition, a lot of outdoor power battery capacity unit for Wh, which is different from our daily use of the mAh unit of charge bank, daily 20000mAh=72Wh, 1000Wh=1kWh=1 KWH, the larger the Wh number, the greater the capacity. There is also this kind of high-power outdoor power supply is basically standard with cooling fans. The manufacturer can also see the level of the manufacturer for the noise adjustment of outdoor power supply. Outdoor power seemingly simple single product, in fact, every detail inside who are deep, heat dissipation material, battery layout structure, waterproof performance and so on can affect the outdoor performance of the product.

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