Aug 25,2022

In order to use energy efficiently and save household electricity expenses, an inventor from San Diego, California has created a home energy storage system, which is divided into two types: vertical and wall-mounted. It is very helpful to use the trough period to store energy and supply it to the household appliances in the peak period.

According to a recent statistic by the National Energy Assistance Council in the United States, about one in six households in the United States are unable to pay their energy bills, such as electricity and gas, on time due to factors such as inflation and rising energy prices.

About 20 million U.S. households are unable to pay their home energy bills on time, the National Energy Assistance Council said. This is the worst crisis the organization has ever recorded.

According to statistics, U.S. households currently owe about $16 billion in energy bills, double what they were two years ago. California-based energy company Pacific Gas & Electric said the number of overdue bills among its residential customers rose 40 percent from February 2020. An energy company in New Jersey found that the number of customers who failed to pay their electricity and gas bills three months overdue has risen 30 percent since March.

Statistics show that due to rising energy prices, the energy usage fee for low-income households in the United States has risen from $2,511 in 2019 to $3,399 in 2021, and is expected to rise to $3,957 in 2022. Taking electricity prices as an example, the average electricity price in the United States in July this year rose by 15% from a year ago, the largest year-on-year increase since 2006.

Effective use of valley energy Home energy storage system strikes

The system adopts an in-line power reserve system, which can reserve power during low periods and save money for home users. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy are affected by the weather, and it is difficult to continue the battery life for users in the event of an accident, and this energy storage system can provide energy supply to household users continuously and stably.

And if solar panels are installed in the home, the system can also store unused energy for emergencies.

At present, the product is very intelligent, each device is connected together based on the cloud processor, plug and play, easy to use, no need for other cables to work, and users do not need to worry about the use of the device, once a problem occurs , you can push the information to the user to avoid affecting the normal use.

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