Aug 22,2022

LiFePO4 battery has a series of unique advantages such as high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, green environmental protection, etc., and supports stepless expansion, suitable for large-scale electric energy storage, in renewable There are good application prospects in the fields of safe grid connection of energy power stations, power grid peak regulation, distributed power stations, UPS power supplies, and emergency power supply systems.

With the rise of the energy storage market, in recent years, some power battery companies have deployed energy storage business to open up new application markets for lithium iron phosphate batteries. On the one hand, due to the characteristics of ultra-long life, safe use, large capacity, and green environmental protection, lithium iron phosphate can be transferred to the energy storage field, which will extend the value chain and promote the establishment of a new business model. On the other hand, the energy storage system supporting the lithium iron phosphate battery has become the mainstream choice in the market. According to reports, lithium iron phosphate batteries have been tried to be used in electric buses, electric trucks, user-side and grid-side frequency regulation.

1. Safe grid connection of renewable energy power generation such as wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation

The inherent randomness, intermittency and volatility of wind power generation determine that its large-scale development will inevitably have a significant impact on the safe operation of the power system. With the rapid development of the wind power industry, especially most of the wind farms in my country are "large-scale centralized development and long-distance transmission", the grid-connected power generation of large-scale wind farms poses severe challenges to the operation and control of large power grids.

Photovoltaic power generation is affected by ambient temperature, solar light intensity and weather conditions, and photovoltaic power generation presents the characteristics of random fluctuations. Therefore, large-capacity energy storage products have become a key factor in solving the contradiction between the grid and renewable energy generation. The lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system has the characteristics of fast conversion of working conditions, flexible operation mode, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, and strong scalability. Local voltage control problem, improve the reliability of renewable energy power generation and improve power quality, so that renewable energy can become a continuous and stable power supply.

With the continuous expansion of capacity and scale and the continuous maturity of integrated technology, the cost of the energy storage system will be further reduced. After long-term safety and reliability tests, the lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system is expected to be used in renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation. It has been widely used in the safe grid connection of energy generation and the improvement of power quality.


2. Power grid peak regulation

The main means of power grid peak regulation has always been pumped storage power stations. Because the pumped-storage power station needs to build two reservoirs, the upper and lower reservoirs, which are greatly restricted by geographical conditions, it is not easy to construct in the plain area, and the area is large and the maintenance cost is high. The use of lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system to replace the pumped storage power station, to cope with the peak load of the power grid, not limited by geographical conditions, free site selection, less investment, less land occupation, low maintenance cost, will play an important role in the process of power grid peak regulation .

3. Distributed power station

Due to the defects of the large power grid itself, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, efficiency, safety and reliability requirements of power supply. For important units and enterprises, dual power supplies or even multiple power supplies are often required as backup and protection. The lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system can reduce or avoid power outages caused by grid failures and various unexpected events, and ensure safe and reliable power supply in hospitals, banks, command and control centers, data processing centers, chemical materials industry, and precision manufacturing industries. Play an important role.

4. UPS power supply

The continuous and rapid development of China's economy has led to the decentralization of UPS power supply users' needs, which has caused more industries and more enterprises to have continuous demand for UPS power supply.


Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have the advantages of long cycle life, safety and stability, green environmental protection, and low self-discharge rate. will be widely used.

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