Aug 12,2022
Reasons why lithium batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries:

1.Service life

The first is the service life,lithium battery safety is high,in acupuncture,short circuit,extrusion and other harsh conditions is still safe deformation.Good temperature performance,can be used at high temperature without affecting the service life.As a result,lithium batteries last longer than lead-acid batteries.


The biggest problem with lead-acid batteries is their high energy density.Conventional lead-acid batteries generally weigh more than 35kg,which will affect the endurance and mobility of the machine.Lithium batteries of the same capacity are generally under 10kg,half the volume of lead-acid batteries.And lithium batteries charge fast,lead acid charge slow,fast power consumption.
3.Impact on the environment

Lithium batteries are cleaner and more environmentally friendly than lead-acid batteries.Lead is known to be a heavy metal,so lead-acid batteries can have a big impact on the environment.However,lithium batteries do not cause environmental pollution either during production or during use.

In conclusion,lithium batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of life,endurance and environmental impact.
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