Aug 15,2022

Once the portable power station meets high temperature or open flame, it is easy to deflagration and other accidents. Therefore, users should keep away from flammable, explosive, high temperature, open fire and other places when placing or using mobile power supplies and other electrical appliances.

At present, the market sales of individual low price "three no" mobile power supply itself safety factor is not high, there are great safety risks. At the same time, when using mobile power supply should avoid charging for a long time, try to use the official charger; Choose products produced by regular manufacturers; When not in use, can not be placed in the heating, heating display and other high temperature, at the same time should be placed in a dry place, to prevent moisture caused by internal electrical components short circuit ignition; Do not disassemble or modify the portable power supply without authorization; When purchasing, consider the temperature range indicated on the packaging or manual of the portable power supply.

portable power station is not just a little bigger than the cell phone battery capacity so simple, so consumers must comprehensively evaluate its safety attributes, such as circuit board, cell material and brand.

Of course, most portable power stations are equipped with cooling fans. When the internal temperature of a single product is too high, the cooling fan will be automatically turned on until the temperature drops to the appropriate temperature. However, for your safety, it is recommended not to use it in a high temperature environment.

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