Aug 11,2022

I received an inquiry today from a European customer.He is interested in our 1200W portable power station,but he has one concern and wants us to prove that the quality of our products is trustworthy.First of all,I gave a general introduction of our factory,from our many years experience in this new energy line,R&D team,patents,and related test equipments.In addition,we have also issued relevant certificates of this product,including FCC,CE,RoHS and MSDS.Meanwhile I also sent some videos to customers for reference.

Also I told customers,we design,engineer,manufacture and test each product to the highest standards.It doesn't go into production or shipped out of our customers until it passes a ridiculous amount of testing.

In my opinion,this product required highly technical and professional,cause the overall cost is not small,to obtain the trust and recognition of consumers,the manufacturer or wholesale must build a brand,so that consumers have a good experience,that could give more consumers an incentive to place orders.
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