Aug 16,2022

I communicated with a customer today. The customer is Amazon seller in the United States, which main product is portable power station, and they cares about quality very much. During the communication,the customer asked, if they find the quality is not good, how should we deal with it? In fact, I fully understand customers' concerns. After all, the unit price of portable power station is high, customers is not fast to make decisions, and it takes longer to build trust between us.

At the beginning, I also explained to the customer that we will do more than 10 kinds of tests for each portable power station before shipment, so that the product can be delivered with 100% guarantee that there is no problem. At the same time, I sent a lot of test pictures and videos to let customer don't worry.
This is not possible, if there is.

just 1 in 100,000 possible, then we are willing to send a new replacement. In addition, for the Japanese market and the American market, we have invited local agents to help us deal with after-sales service. If there is any installation or after-sales service needs to come to the door, we can also arrange it, but there is no case in the current position.

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