Aug 12,2022

At present, there are a variety of power supply styles on the market, and the capacity selection space is also very large, so as an ordinary consumer, how to buy.

Summer, a lot of families choose to hang out with, so, in order to go out to play, not the "panic" electricity, outdoor power supply is very hot now, in fact, before that, I will buy a 500 w and 1000 w power outside, to be honest, it's good to use high power, but the weight and volume also follow up, unless you drive go out to play, with very convenient, If it is the surrounding go out to play, carry a backpack of that kind, really do not recommend to take, too heavy, lose the significance of portability, light travel, short trip, if not for high-power appliances, to charge the mobile phone, laptop plug-in, 150W outdoor power supply is really enough, enough to cope with most scenes.

Bought a bunch of outdoor power supply to talk about experience: more than 500W outdoor power supply is suitable for self-drive travel, business trip back 150W is enough to cope with.

Here to explain, the commonly used several electric power, such as laptop, now most of the fast charging power is 65 w, better with 100 w, cell phone, because now the newest cell phone are also a lot of 100 w quick charge, so, outdoor power supply at least support the two devices, the power of 150 w can meet the mobile phone and notebook.

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