Aug 08,2022

Some clients find foreign trade suppliers through Google searches, while others find them through B2B platforms. If it is a large platform B2B foreign trade, qualification platform audit, of course, you can rest assured to trade, our article is about those who find through Google search foreign trade, how to judge whether the other side is reliable.

First: a powerful foreign trade, will certainly elaborate their own website, the website represents the image of a company, a beautiful, rich content website will give a good first impression. Operating such a website is a lot of costs, which reflects the economic strength of the foreign trade.

The second: Website will have a lot of data is used to show the company strength, images are elaborate processing, no exception website will have real address and contact way, so how to determine site leave contact information is true, you can go to search on Google, whether the contact in other site also can see, a high-quality foreign trade dealer will certainly promote themselves on other platforms.

Third: many of the current transnational trade is to earn the difference between the foreign trade, have their own factories of foreign trade is often more worthy of cooperation.

Fourth: there are relevant certificates of honor and qualification, which make people more assured.

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