Aug 17,2022
The explosion of the outdoor portable UPS energy storage power supply market and the rise of such consumption habits have put forward higher requirements for portable power,which directly promotes the high-power and large-capacity portable outdoor UPS equipped with a 220VAC output port that can supply power to multiple devices at the same time.Power market development.The energy-saving portable UPS outdoor power supply,which provides safe power solutions for outdoor work,leisure and entertainment,takes the opportunity to highlight its unique value,like a"species explosion",which has become the standard for self-driving tours for middle-class people in a short period of time.

Energy storage electric outdoor portable UPS energy storage power products are small in size,light in weight,easy to carry,multi-functional output interface can match the main electronic equipment on the market,large capacity,high power,safe and portable are compared with small mobile power supplies and fixed power grids.unique advantage.

With the advent of the era of big outdoors and big health,more and more people are going outdoors to pursue quality life.Cuneng Electric's outdoor portable UPS power supply ushered in an explosion,providing an integrated solution for outdoor power consumption.The energy storage electrical outdoor power supply can charge the drones,digital cameras,notebook computers,game books,car refrigerators,small kitchen appliances and other equipment,and solve the power consumption problems of outdoor entertainment,life and office,and emergency starting vehicles.

Portability,high efficiency,energy saving and environmental protection are the development directions of energy storage,and when choosing an outdoor UPS power supply,safety is the fundamental determining factor.The energy storage electric portable UPS power supply is equipped with multiple safety protections to avoid dangers such as overcharge and discharge,short circuit,etc.The intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the charge and discharge temperature and prolongs the life of the machine.At the same time,the fuselage adopts PC+ABS fire-resistant shell,which is shock-resistant,drop-resistant,corrosion-resistant,and has excellent high-temperature insulation to avoid the danger of electric leakage.
Portable outdoor UPS power supply is a new category and emerging market segment.Outdoor UPS power supply products are bound to attract more competitors.As an industry standard setter and a well-known brand of outdoor portable UPS power supply,Cuneng Electric has a strong reputation in brand recognition.have a great advantage.

Outdoor power supply leads the portable UPS power supply market.It is hoped that Cuneng Electric brand can lead the outdoor portable power supply category to healthy competition with its own influence,promote the rapid development of the outdoor power supply industry from the consumption and market side,and provide safe and portable power support for the majority of users.
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