Aug 12,2022
The range is different,the market price is different,the range is different,the volume quality and the driving kilometers are also different.
Battery life;Lead-acid batteries generally have a service life of about 2 years,while lithium batteries are more durable,with a service life of 4-5 years.Lead-acid batteries typically charge and discharge in 300 cycles,while lithium batteries charge and discharge in more than 500 cycles.

Market price:At present,the mainstream lead-acid battery on the market is about 450 yuan,and the price of lithium battery is about 1000 yuan.

Range:The battery is also 48V.When fully charged,lead-acid/Li-battery electric vehicles have a similar range,depending on factors such as speed and motor size.Of course,lead-acid batteries are slightly larger than lithium batteries in terms of battery capacity.

Quality:Compared with the lightweight body with only 2.5/3 kg lithium battery,the lead acid battery with the same capacity generally weighs about 16/30 kg;Not only high quality battery,large volume;Compared with lead-acid cars,lithium-ion cars have a detachable design,making them more convenient to ride and carry.

Mileage:The same battery is 48V.When fully charged,electric cars with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries can travel 30 to 40 kilometers.The speed depends mainly on the size of the motor used.

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