Aug 14,2022
With the development of lithium battery,the direction of large-capacity lithium battery is the main concern factor of battery consumer market.Many lithium battery manufacturers in order to meet consumer needs,coupled with fierce competition in the industry,the capacity of large capacity lithium battery is now seriously inflated.There is a gap between the actual capacity of lithium battery of many battery manufacturers and the capacity of the advertising label,which is related to the price level.
So how to detect whether the capacity of large capacity lithium battery has a virtual label?If the imaginary capacity,what is the imaginary capacity?Let's talk about it.

1,measuring large capacity lithium battery tool:measuring ruler

To quickly estimate the capacity of a lithium battery,the commonly used estimation formula(only estimation)is as follows:This is calculated for the cell volume,excluding the cell housing.

Battery capacity=Thickness*Width*Length*K(K unit:mah/mm3)

The range of K value is(0.07~0.11),which depends on the size of the capacity.The larger the capacity,the larger the value of K,and the smaller the capacity,the smaller the value of K(it can be understood as the larger the size,the larger the value of K).

In practice,you can default the value of K to 0.1.For example,103450LP(10mm thick,34mm width,50mm length),calculated capacity=10*34*50*0.1=1700,the actual capacity is more than 1800mah;For example,603048LP(6mm thick,30mm wide,48mm long),the calculated capacity is 864(6 x 30 x 48 x 0.1),the actual capacity can be 900mah.

2.Get an ammeter

Capacity of lithium battery=Voltage x Discharge current x discharge time

I'm sure many of you who have studied physics know how to do this.

3,a rated current discharge electrical equipment,such as a lamp

Directly connected to discharge,until the light dim out,record the time t,large capacity lithium battery can be estimated C:


The relationship between the open-circuit voltage of a lithium battery and the battery capacity is as follows:Percentage is the remaining capacity of the battery.On the right is the corresponding open-circuit voltage(OCV)of the battery.

100%-4.20 V

90%-4.06 V

80%-3.98 V

70%-3.92 V

60%-3.87 V

50%-3.82 V

40%-3.79 V

30%-3.77 V

20%-3.74 V

10%-3.68 V

5%-----------3.45 V

0%-3.00 V
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