Aug 08,2022
With the continuous development of battery technology, smaller batteries, which can store more energy, make it possible to manufacture portable batteries. Because of their small size, light weight and easy to carry, they are also increasingly popular with consumers.
If you want portable power  station to last longer, you need to do routine maintenance.

So what are the tips for the maintenance of external power supply? I will share with you the maintenance of portable power station.

1. Use within the specified operating temperature range

Outdoor power supply has excellent high and low temperature resistance, and can be charged and discharged at 10℃-45℃. If the temperature exceeds the standard power supply temperature, enable intelligent protection to control input and output.

2. Charge and discharge control

Overcharging and discharging can cause a lot of damage to the power supply, so don't wait for the power to be completely exhausted before charging, and don't charge for too long, which will also damage the battery.
3, moderate idle charge and discharge

If you do not use outdoor power for a long period of time, fully charge the battery before the last use, and it must be recharged every six months. Keep the room away from humidity and ensure that it is ventilated and dry.

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