Aug 12,2022
The WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo and the 7th Asia Pacific Battery Show,which focuses on power,energy storage,3C and intelligent terminal batteries and industrial chains,opened in Guangzhou on Wednesday.As a well-known local portable power station supplier in Huizhou,Poleview power was invited to participate in the exhibition.The Expo is a professional exhibition with the largest number of battery enterprises(battery cell/PACK/energy storage system)brands in the industry,and the highest participation of professional visitors of application side and foreign buyers.

It is reported that the exhibition time of the expo is from 9 to 11 days,the exhibition area of 55,000 square meters,compared with the last 37.5%growth;The number of booths is 2195;There were 673 exhibitors,an increase of 21.9%over last year,among which 316 exhibitors were battery exhibitors.

Under the new track of"double carbon·energy storage",this exhibition focuses on the field of energy storage and outdoor power supply,with more than 100 energy storage and outdoor power supply enterprises attending the exhibition.
Organizers,at present,with the outdoor camping thermal drive peripheral industry rapidly,creating a large number of hot new category,outdoor mobile power supply into the outbreak of the growth of the new category,outdoor power supply exceptionally strong,storage business will become the new development direction for battery business,communication base station energy storage,household energy storage is also worth looking forward to the future development.

In addition to outdoor mobile power supply,the solution of"intelligent charging+changing cabinet"for electric vehicles is also a highlight of the exhibition.On-site exhibitors bring users more than 90 kinds of"intelligent charging+changing cabinet"solutions,which can help users effectively solve the problem of outdoor charging of electric vehicles.

According to the relevant person in charge of the organizer,the Expo will build a global procurement and supply platform for the industry,solve the development pain points brought by the epidemic,and expand the professional buyers of the exhibition,in addition to batteries,materials,equipment and other industries,We will invite downstream battery application end enterprises such as new energy vehicles,electric vehicles,power tools,unmanned aerial vehicles,photovoltaic,wind power,lighting,microgrid,home storage,data centers,consumer electronics,and intelligent terminal equipment to participate,and build a platform for supply,demand,procurement and technical exchange for upstream and downstream user buyers of battery and its industrial chain.

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